Sustainability and Recyclability

Bella-Dura is the leading environmentally responsible textile, woven with the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste and ends its life as a fully recyclable product.

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The manufacturing of Bella-Dura requires substantially less energy, only a small amount of water, and produces no harmful industrial waste. As it is made of a by-product from the petroleum refining process that would otherwise be incinerated, the very processing of Bella-Dura reduces the need for virgin material, and prevents further environmental contamination.

Fibers like nylon and polyester require more energy to produce, and processing is much more complex (i.e., production may involve disposal issues pertaining to potentially harmful chemicals). These products are also more difficult to recycle at the end of their useful lives.

Recycled from the start, Bella-Dura utilizes post-industrial waste from an already existing manufacturing source and creates a useable product. At the end of a long and useful life, all Bella-Dura yarns and fabric can be safely and easily recycled and converted into inert black plastic resin pellets which can be used in a myriad of products and industries.

Bella-Dura’s recycle stream is a closed loop. It begins as a by-product and ends as a usable product for the manufacturing of many common goods, which is far different and more beneficial than traditional waste streams.

How it Works

Bella-Dura yarn and fabrics that are sent back to the yarn manufacturer are inserted into a recycle stream for regenerated products that use energy-saving manufacturing practices to produce a variety of different products:

Automotive: Recycled Bella-Dura would be a material of choice for black, hard plastic automotive parts due to its inherent strength, light weight and sunlight resistance:
- Interior: door handles, radio/CD bezels, seat motion handles
- Underhood: air filter housings, radiator fan housings

Geotextile markets: Truck bedliners and wastewater liners

Horticulture markets: Flowerpots for retail distribution, synthetic pine straw and weed block fabrics

Filtration market: Water filters and filtration fabrics

Recycling Program

100% of Bella-Dura fabric and scrap can be recycled instead of being discarded into landfills. The process begins by sending samples of the fabric and a completed description/approval form for the waste available for recycling. Once approved, fabric is returned to Bella-Dura and the fabric enters our recycling stream.


Bella-Dura fabrics have achieved a Silver certification and are classified as “preferred products” by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry). These certifications confirm that Bella-Dura meets or exceeds MBDC’s strict standards for human and environmental health, environmentally preferable materials, strategy for renewable energy and a comprehensive material re-utilization program. Additionally Bella-Dura is the proud recipient of a Legacy Leader Award from the C2C Products Innovation Institute.