Feel Better Using Bella-Dura Bleach Cleanable, Solution Dyed, Sustainable Textiles.

High traffic, germs, viruses, blood and bodily fluids are the norm for any healthcare setting--and prove some of the biggest challenges for any textile…until now. Bella-Dura can stand up to all of this, while remaining clean, colorful, cheerful and beautiful.

Woven from a proprietary formulation that makes the finished fabric inherently resistant to stains and microbes, Bella-Dura is so durable, that it’s bleach-cleanable and can be easily disinfected – a crucial detail in settings where regular cleaning is of the utmost importance.

Bella-Dura withstands the toughest (and dirtiest) jobs, and looks great doing so – effortlessly.

Moisture Barrier Makes Bella-Dura Fabric Impenetrable!

In times when a healthcare facility requires a moisture barrier to keep unwanted fluids from penetrating, one can be applied to the back of Bella-Dura fabric.

Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills, the parent company of Bella-Dura, is a licensed Crypton mill, and when Bella-Dura fabrics receive a Crypton moisture barrier, the result is a finished textile with an impermeable surface.

But Don’t Be Fooled by Our Tough Exterior.

Bella-Dura fabrics have a soft touch and are available in unlimited colors, patterns and textures. Plus, the solution dyed yarns ensure that all that cleaning won’t result in fading.

Contributing to a Healthy Environment.

Bella-Dura is the only textile on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste (petroleum) and ends its long and useful life cycle as a 100% recyclable product. Bella-Dura, when finished with Greenshield, is Cradle to Cradle Silver-certified by the MBDC, and the proud recipient of a Legacy Leader award from the C2C Products Innovation Institute. No matter what color or pattern you specify, you can breathe easy that they are all 100% “green.”