Bella-Dura is a true performance fabric, woven with a proprietary polyolefin fiber—setting it apart from ordinary polyolefin. The result is solution dyed fabrics which are inherently bleach cleanable; microbe, mildew and stain resistant, exceptionally durable, recyclable and possess in excess of 1500 hours lightfastness.

Solution dyeing means that color is added to the fibers while they are in a liquid state during the yarn manufacturing process. The color is integrated into the very fiber, which is why the fabric can be cleaned with bleach and still retain the color. Think of the analogy of a carrot and a radish; the color in the carrot is throughout, while the color on the radish lies on the outer surface. The carrot would represent a solution dyed fiber.

Bella-Dura is the most environmentally friendly textile in the marketplace. Compared to other synthetics, Bella-Dura proprietary yarns require less energy to produce and do not create harmful industrial waste during production. Coatings and stain resistant finishes are not necessary in the fabric processing, since the inert fiber has inherent stain and microbe resistant properties.

A mild soap and water solution is all that is needed to remove most stains; bleach can also be used on tough stains. Always rinse with clean water and allow to air dry. For more detailed instructions please refer to the Care section of the website.

Bella-Dura fabrics at loomstate, or finished with Greenshield, are certified Silver by MBDC and carry the Cradle to Cradle® classification.

Any cleaning product that can be used on indoor/outdoor fabrics is safe to use on Bella-Dura, as well as bleach for tough stains. Always take great care when mixing cleaners with bleach, and work in a well ventilated area.

Bella-Dura fabrics are 100% recyclable! The proprietary fiber can be
re-extruded up to ten times. Please refer to the Recycling section to download instructions and the proper form.

Bella-Dura fabrics are woven with fibers that dry easily. Bella-Dura fabrics should always be air-dried, and never tumble-dried.

Bella-Dura is comprised of filament yarns which are inherently resistant to pilling. Unlike acrylic fibers which are prone to piling, Bella-Dura proprietary yarns, which are tested using the Brush Pill method–are not.

All fabrics are tested in our lab, and in an independent testing lab, for compliance to industry standards for durability, stain resistance and fading. The superior test results appear in the “Performance Features” section.

Tested to the strictest contract abrasion standards using the Wyzenbeek method, Bella-Dura fabrics exceed 50,000 double rubs, and often go beyond 100,000.

Bella-Dura fabrics are covered with a 5-year residential or 3-year commercial warranty for stain resistance and colorfastness to water, light and crocking (transfer of color to other fabrics) and mildew. 

Bella Dura solution dyed yarns meet or exceed 1500 lightfast hours and will resist fading, even when exposed to hot sun or dry temperatures.

Currently, Bella-Dura can be purchased through residential and contract fabric jobbers and through select Furniture manufacturers and Retailers. Please visit the “Distributor” section of the website for an updated listing of all Bella-Dura partners.

Bella-Dura yarns are resistant to stains, microbes, and mildew. In the case of mildew as a result of dirt, soil or contamination, many common cleaners including bleach, can be used to disinfect, without causing harm. To achieve the best results, always keep your Bella-Dura fabrics clean.

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