Sustainability and Recyclability

Bella-Dura is the leading environmentally responsible textile, woven with the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product and ends its life as a fully recyclable product.

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The manufacturing of Bella-Dura requires substantially less energy, only a small amount of water, and produces no harmful industrial waste. Therefore, the very processing of Bella-Dura prevents further environmental contamination. Bella-Dura’s recycle stream is a closed loop. At the end of a long and useful life, all Bella-Dura yarns and fabric can be safely and easily recycled.

Recycling Program

100% of Bella-Dura fabric and scrap can be recycled instead of being discarded into landfills. The process begins by sending samples of the fabric and a completed description/approval form for the waste available for recycling. Once approved, fabric is returned to Bella-Dura and the fabric enters our recycling stream.


Bella-Dura fabrics finished with Greenshield have achieved a Silver certification and are classified as “preferred products” by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry). These certifications confirm that Bella-Dura meets or exceeds MBDC’s strict standards for human and environmental health, environmentally preferable materials, strategy for renewable energy and a comprehensive material re-utilization program. Additionally Bella-Dura is the proud recipient of a Legacy Leader Award from the C2C Products Innovation Institute.