Feel Better Using Bella-Dura Bleach Cleanable, Solution Dyed, Sustainable Textiles.

High traffic, germs, viruses, blood and bodily fluids are the norm for any healthcare setting--and prove some of the biggest challenges for any textile…until now. Bella-Dura can stand up to all of this, while remaining clean, colorful, cheerful and beautiful.

Woven from a proprietary formulation that makes the finished fabric resistant to stains and microbes, Bella-Dura is also so durable, that it’s bleach-cleanable and can be easily disinfected – a crucial detail in settings where regular cleaning is of the utmost importance.

Bella-Dura withstands the toughest (and dirtiest) jobs, and looks great doing so – effortlessly.

Moisture Barrier Makes Bella-Dura Fabric Impenetrable!

In times when a healthcare facility requires a moisture barrier to keep unwanted fluids from penetrating, one can be applied to the back of Bella-Dura fabric.

Wearbest Weavers, the parent company of Bella-Dura, is a licensed Crypton mill, and when Bella-Dura fabrics receive a Crypton moisture barrier, the result is a finished textile with an impermeable surface.

But Don’t Be Fooled by Our Tough Exterior.

Bella-Dura fabrics have a soft touch and are available in unlimited colors, patterns and textures. Plus, the solution dyed yarns ensure that all that cleaning won’t result in fading.

Contributing to a Healthy Environment.

Microbe Resistant

Bella-Dura® already resists microbes on the fabric. When it comes to bacterial growth such as mersa, staph or pneumonia, Bella-Dura® can safely be cleaned with bleach, or other hospital approved disinfectants, remaining within the CDC recommendations for killing these germs.

Bella-Dura® Fluorine Free

This textile option, without a moisture barrier (or anti-microbial), allows Bella-Dura® to be HHI compliant while still offering all of the performance attributes desired in a contract setting. For projects that may require a water repellent, C-Zero (from Crypton) can be applied and still qualify. Textiles that are loomstate or rinse and frame will also pass for HHI.

Healthy Proclamation Declarations

HPDs can be furnished for all Bella-Dura® patterns, including those already existing in the market. For questions please contact your sales representative.

Cradle To Cradle Certified

On top of it all, Bella-Dura is the only textile on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste (petroleum) and ends its long and useful life cycle as a 100% recyclable product. Bella-Dura, (loomstate or when finished with Greenshield), is Cradle to Cradle Silver-certified by the MBDC, and the proud recipient of a Legacy Leader award from the C2C Products Innovation Institute. No matter what color or pattern you specify, you can breathe easy that they are all 100% “green.”