Welcome to the World of Bella-Dura.

From lobby to guest suite, restaurant to pool deck, Bella-Dura® solution dyed fabrics provide the ultimate performance required—indoors or out.

Stylish: Bella-Dura® fabrics have an amazingly soft hand, along with a myriad of color, pattern, weave and jacquard options – from simple to classic, on-trend to leading-edge – allowing hospitality spaces to be designed without limitations.

Durable: All of our fabrics exceed 50,000 double rubs. And they are inherently resistant to pilling!

Won’t Fade: With a minimum 1,500 lightfast hours, Bella-Dura® is the ideal fabric for the toughest environments and regions: from the sizzling, humid Miami beaches to the dry, parched deserts of Arizona.

Low Maintenance: Specially woven so that they inherently resist stains, germs and moisture, Bella-Dura® fabrics are easy to clean, and so durable you can safely use bleach. And if waterproof is required, Bella-Dura® fabrics powered by Crypton’s moisture barrier prevent liquids from penetrating the fabric…now that’s performance.

Sustainable: Bella-Dura® fabrics are 100% recyclable and when finished with Greenshield, Cradle to Cradle-certified silver by the MBDC. So no matter what colors or patterns you specify – classic blues, vivid reds, sunny yellows or even bright whites – rest assured they are 100% “green.”

Varati, designed by Clodagh, winner of an Interior Design BOY Award for hospitality textiles. Available exclusively through Stinson.