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Bella-Dura® is Made for Living.

Imagine the freedom to put a fabric in any location and still meet or exceed design and performance standards. Bella-Dura® makes that possible.

Developed in response to the industry’s demand for an upholstery fabric that literally outperforms on all levels, Bella-Dura® fabrics are designed to be the ultimate solution for any enviornment – indoors and out.

Our broad color palette, vast array of bold patterns, lush textures, and myriad style options, coupled with inherent durability, UV resistance, stain resistance, and sustainability provides years of worry-free performance–from living room to playroom to deck. It’s even safe to clean with bleach, so you can rest easy when confronted with life’s little (and big!) messes.

Select from an ever-expanding family of fabrics, including cotton-like flat wovens, jacquards and chenilles – from bright, saturated colors to muted neutrals and earth tones – each fabric with a luxurious feel and enduring style, courtesy of our proprietary fiber construction and our award-winning design team.

No more pilling, no fear of spilling, no fading, Bella-Dura® distinctive fabrics deliver on the promise of performance, and with their unlimited design options, are truly made for living.

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